W.R.2: Metal Toe Two Piece Pumps

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Time for a new review week. As expected since last week have left all my favorites shoes from Rosewholesale. All week I did laps with them because my feet get used to them and I will use when not beat me. You might wonder what pair it, well I speak:

Metal Toe Two Piece Pumps

This pair of shoes has managed to conquer me from the first use. I really like how glossy material is combined with the strident. The model is very special and these shoes suitable for full dress. Frankly I expected to have a taller heel, but it seems that is very appropriate. We have seen over the frame is made of a more durable material than what we find in our country.

This pair of shoes has an adjustable clasp, initially I barely managed to close the first hole, and now have mail left a bit and go to the second closed. I like do not put pressure on the foot but on the contrary provides many freedom. As I said above shoes are very lightweight and very comfortable going with them. I’m not accustomed to heels but this pair of shoes I conquered. Sorry that the weather does not allow me to go into town in a dress so you can present a complete outfit.

If the pattern seems to be too elegant golden can opt for the same pair of shoes but in shades of gold. I do it again if I could order it would go all the color. This color is very beautiful especially as she is very strong. What do you think of these shoes? You have seen what price?


  • Deci eu nu ma impac deloc cu genul asta de pantofi 🙁

  • Nu ma dau in vant dupa pantofi aurii, dar modelul se vede foarte bine pe picior.

  • Pentru mine sunt prea eleganti si nici nu ma inteleg bine cu auriu, am pielea prea galbuie. Eu trebuie sa iau argintiu.

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