What do you need to know when tracking your package online?

Because whenever I order something online I like to follow them all the way I thought to tell you a little about it. Even the previous days I received a new package and I was very happy to discover that things have changed at the Poșta Română. Now they appear directly in the system if you have a parcel, so you certainly have to win. However, let’s focus on the things we need to know about tracking numbers.

Simple package or recommended package?

I know the second involves a higher cost of transportation, but I recommend it. I do not know yet if the services of the Romanian Post have changed everywhere and that is why we should always be able to check where our parcel is located. What is the difference between the two packages?

  • Simple package: Can only be tracked until you leave the country of shipment. Then it is our job to spend at least 3 days at the post office. They can be lost very easily.
  • Recommended parcel: Displays all notifications until the post parcel is picked up. This is more secure because the mail is required to update the details permanently.

Do we wait for notice or go to the post how does the notice notification appear?

I check regularly and if on a tracking site like www.ordertracking.com or like www.tracktry.com it is displayed as an endorsement I go to the post. At the post office is kept between 10 days, the district office, and 30 days, the customs office. They are not interested in whether or not the opinion reached you, but considers that you did not want to lift it. This is why if you want to pick up the parcel go to the post office as soon as it is notified.

China Post or Courier (DHL, GLS, etc.)?

If we want the fast package then couriers are the best choice, but we have to be prepared to pay larger amounts on these services. In addition, if the packages come from outside the EU we will have to pay taxes and even commissions.
I personally prefer to receive packages through China Post courier because the commission is smaller. Besides, I don’t buy from China the products I need in a week.

Why do you keep in mind when tracking an online package?

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