W.R. 1: Rosewholesale Shape Earring!

Welcome back. Just what I came back from the post and I will present some of the products received from rosewholesale.com. Specifically today we will focus on earring shape. I received such a Earring before the start of the new year and one now. Because I wanted to introduce you both waited until now.

The first product we’ll talk about it:

One Piece Rhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff

This is the first earring that I have received and to be honest it took some up to figure out how to put. There never wear these earrings. I liked very much the model earring, especially how it sits on your ear. I managed to do more pictures to give you and you realize how it looks. The earring is made of a solid material and so far no signs that would rust. 

The price of such a Earring is very small, especially since they are made available several models and colors. But I’d love to find such pairs of earrings in both ears. I am very curious how it would look that way. I recommend this earring especially if you want to assorted an elegant outfit.

Gothic Style Dragon Shape Earring

Today I raised and the earring post office. I can not tell you how much I liked it. Control forgotten so I was surprised when the guard opened the package. Along with this ring I received a pair of shoes which will be discussed next week. Now he has returned to earring, frankly I like more than the other. This is mainly due to the attention to detail that they showed. If you look carefully at the pictures below you can see that the dragon has language.

This ring is placed easier than the other. More specifically it has a normal bolts and then catch the ear lobe. The contrary is not uncomfortable and feels good. Neither his price is not very high and the site is available a model. I would wear this ring attire for prom or a big event coming very quickly it out.

What do you think about these earrings?

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