The most beautiful coats from Sammydress

Howdy! Cold weather has made its presence felt and that is why it is best to complete our wardrobe with the most beautiful coats from Sammydress. When we create a winter outfit the coat plays a very important role, we do not look well under him if he does not conform to the latest fashion requirements. I will present today 4 models of coats that have attracted my attention. If you click on the links you will get to the site.

Lace Up Longline Hooded Coat – Wine Red

I have often sought such a coat. It is very elegant and immediately attracts attention. It reminds me of the coats worn by princesses in movies, I already see how I would wear it with a pair of boots with a heel and a dress. The range of colors is very high, so you will surely find something to your liking. I have chosen the red wine because it is a very pleasant color that goes with tens of seconds. In addition, the combination of red wine is absolutely superb. You can take the black coat on the site if you want to create simple outfits that can not stand out just by model.

Ladylike Style Long Sleeves Worsted Double-Breasted Coat For Women – Black

Ladylike Style Long Sleeves Worsted Double-Breasted Coat For Women - BLACK L

If you want a shorter but thicker coat then the above pattern is the best choice you can make. It is perfect for autumn-winter and will help you create fashionable outfits. I would match it with a shorter dress and a pair of long boots up to my knees. The model is very beautiful and offers neck protection through the coat that it has on the top.

Noble Turn-Down Collar Long Sleeve Pure Color Self Tie Belt Coat Dress For Women – Black

Noble Turn-Down Collar Long Sleeve Pure Color Self Tie Belt Coat Dress For Women - BLACK M

If you want a short coat, but no coat on the top, then this product is best suited. He is elegant and gives the impression of a thicker dress. I’ve seen pictures of him and I’m pretty sure he looks good and real. The model is very warm and I think it definitely goes in the cold. Now, depending on your outfits, you will find a way to match it. But I would still associate it with a dress or an outfit consisting of a sweater and an average skirt.

Lace Trim Button Up Tailcoat – Black

I left it to the end because it’s one of the models I like best. I know it’s not a winter coat, but I’m sure it’s going in the spring autumn. This time I would go on a gray shirt, a pair of black tights and a pair of gray boots. I am confident that such an outfit will immediately emerge and attract the attention of everyone around. The model is absolutely gorgeous and really should not miss out of our wardrobe. Even though the red wine pattern draws my attention, I would still go on Black.

What do you think? What coat did you complete your wardrobe?

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