Summer Wishlist from Banggood

Hail my darling and welcome back to my blog. As spring has already begun to occupy the place I thought to introduce you some products from Banggood which are only good for spring. For those who do not know Banggood is an online site offering products at very good prices. They also have deposits in EU countries, which means that we are not obliged to pay any customs duties when the parcel reaches the country. If you want to display only those products you need to access the EU deposit page.

Bohemian Sexy Spaghetti Strap Hollow Out Printing Maxi Dress For Women

Now let’s talk about the products that conquered me. How fashion specialists recommend us to wear bohemian dresses this year I could not overlook this category. Dozens of gorgeous dresses await us on banggood. For example, I got the attention dressed above, it’s just gorgeous, and because she has that cut in the middle I think it’s even more special. It’s made of very thin material, which means it will not bother us on the very hot summer days.

Plus Size M-5XL Women Floral Print Chiffon Shirt Long Sleeves Loose Stand Collar Blouse

Because in college it is recommended to go in jeans we also visited the page with floral print blouse. Here I had the opportunity to see very interesting models, for example the one above. Even though I would not normally opt for a very busy blouse, I liked the above model pretty much. There is a harmony between the colors of the blouse, which makes it even more spectacular. Additionally, it is not a simple blouse, it comes wider on the heart, which means we can hide small defects. 

Sexy Sequins Mesh Unlined Transparent Bra Eyelash Lace Underwear Sets For Women

With the change of weather, I also opt for changing intimate lingerie, if winter I prefer bras of thicker fabric, in the summer I turn to transparent bra. Above you can see a very sexy model, which can be used with great ease in everyday outfits. This way we will not sweat anymore and our skin will have the chance to breathe. In addition, it is a great way to impress our partner.

Sexy Pattern Print Wireless Monokini One Piece

Because once the summer comes and the summer season is compulsory, we need women swimsuits. This year I promised that whatever I would go to at least 3 days at sea so I have to prepare myself early and find a nice bathing suit. Banggood has attracted the above model. I like the fact that it will allow me to bronze my back. It also seems to me a very sexy and cool model. I know if I want a uniform bronze I have to buy a two-piece swimsuit, but I still like the model above.  

32Pcs Collagen Tablets Effervescent Mask Facial Care Mask Machine Maker Supporting Special Use Mask

To look good this summer, we need to take care of our skin. That’s why we should not miss our facial pore cleanser. I think you know how bad we feel when our skin suffers, well now we can help with a few masks very easy to use. Of course, if we do not stick with the masks, we can choose from the wide range of devices available on the site. Still tied to masks, I was attracted by the above set that allows us to create masks directly at home. 

36Pcs Curly Sponge Hair Sticks Hair Style Maker DIY Styling Hairdressing Tools

We should not even forget about our hair. That is why we need to keep in mind some products that will make it more beautiful and help us with its styling. For example, I’m mad about curled hair and that’s why the above products have arrived on my wishlist. I’m really curious if they are good and if it helps the hair to curl, especially as I have a pretty long hair. Of course, in the hair sponge product category we will find other products, so get in confidence.

220V 36W UV Gel Dryer Lamp Nail Art Tips Cuticle Manicure Tool Set Kit

For summer we have to take care of our nails, especially because they are the card of any woman. Because I was tired of the normal ova I decided to buy a uv nail lamp. Banggood offers us from the smallest to the biggest, so we should not have trouble finding the perfect lamp. If we are first on the road, it is best to choose a set like the one above, which gives us all the products we need for a perfect manicure.

1Pcs V Shape Straightening Hair Comb Brush Boar Bristle

Having long hair is sometimes very difficult to find a perfect hair straightening brush. Well, this time banggood does not leave us a lot, giving us a wide range of hair brushes. I was thrilled with the above model because it is a double one and that way I would be able to comb my hair better. In addition, it looks like a durable material and the price is not very high.

What do you think about these products? Which of them would you add to your wishlist?


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