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Hello and welcome you to a new article. Year 2018 has already started for 3 weeks and we already have to think about what dresses will fill our wardrobe this year. As expected, the new year came with new models. If you want to stay up with the new tentels you should visit the Promshopau.com site. Here we meet the most beautiful dresses, and the prices are very low.

In order to find the products we need first we will enter the Prom Dresses category and then in the Prom Dresses 2018. In this way we will see the models that are in the promotion this year and with which we can create the most beautiful outfits of parties. Here are three models that have attracted my attention and their links.


If you love blue now is the best time to add in the wardrobe the dress above. The model is a very special one, the dress comes in the mulled top, and then at the bottom it resembles a prom dress. The model is the one that turns the dress from simple to elegant.


I love the red color and that’s why the above pattern will be guaranteed on my shopping list. The above model I like very much because it is not a very pretentious one. It goes well with more events. Besides, it seems to me a brilliant idea that it covers your shoulders. That top part is absolutely gorgeous and further continues with the gorgeous pattern created with pebbles.


Even if yellow is a color that can not be worn by anyone, this year we have the opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous dress. The shade of yellow is not very strong and that’s why our dress will not go out completely. The fact that it is glitter complements it perfectly, creating the impression of a princess dress.

On the site above you have the opportunity to buy dresses in the most varied color range. All you have to do is choose the model you want and then select the color. This way you will get the dress you dreamed about as soon as possible.

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