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Hello. I hope you miss me because these days I want to surprise you with more articles that focus on fashion. As you probably already know how to always dress up with the latest demands of the fashion world, I have a lot of products in my wardrobe just so I can surprise friends with new ones every day. Unfortunately, the shopping made in our country would be far too expensive. That’s why I started to order products from outside the country, and those from Rosegal always prepare the most beautiful products and surprises.

Slimming High Waist Skirted Pants

For a outfit we need a pair of pants or a skirt, well now I propose a much more attractive option. It’s the set above, you’ll win a skirt that can be matched to the pair of tights. If you saw my Gala photos then you surely saw how this model looks on black and give them the set. I like it just because it is unique and it gives us so many matching possibilities. In addition, the purple is superb.

See-Through Trim Sheer Long Sleeve Crop Top

To complete the above outfit, we need a top. There’s not too many tops, and I think we should have more blouses. Well, I think the top rank would fit nicely with the set that just what I presented to you. It actually puts on your skirt and additionally suits you because it’s transparent. Of course you can opt for any other top of Rosegal.

Women Fashion Single Band Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals

The last thing our outfit needs is a pair of shoes with a holster. Why the heel? Because the skirt is very long and it looks strange to you if we keep it in the longest period of time on foot. I liked the above model and honestly to be for him as the eighth. If you want a pair of black, then I should mention that the pair of shoes is also available on black.

So what do you think about this outfit?

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