Review Tosave: Chic Faxu Leather Women Lady Round Analog Quartz Wrist Bracelet Wrap Watch

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I promised you last week that I’m waiting for watches from, well the third clock has already arrived. If you follow me on instagram you surely saw this post:

This bracelet conquered me mainly by its appearance. It’s much more different than the clocks I’ve received in the past, but that’s right to see from the pictures. One thing is certain, this watch is perfect to be worn by any lady. Do not waste your time and show you the link from where you can even buy this beautiful watch:

Chic Faxu Leather Women Lady Round Analog Quartz Wrist Bracelet Wrap Watch

What did I like about this watch bracelet?

First of all, I liked the fact that it is different, that is, we are talking about the presence of long belts that can be placed exactly as we want on our hands. Depending on the chosen model, we can give the impression of a new watch every time.

The fact that there are many colors. You can just buy a watch depending on the outfit you are going to wear, this way you can enjoy many winnings. Another thing I liked is the fact that this bracelet has a very long time. Initially, I thought I had a great model, but she put her hand very easily.

What I did not like about this watch bracelet?

There must be this category, right? Well, I did not like the fact that the bracelet is a bit small, and it actually makes me feel uncomfortable to wear in the summer. But this is very subjective, especially because my mother is very good. I recommend you try this bracelet and then decide if you listen to my advice.

Why choose watches from

I have said it and I say it a thousand times: because from them we can buy a very large range of watches at very low prices. In addition, even if the price is low, the quality is very good, and so far all my parcels have arrived either directly at home or at the neighborhood post office.

I invite you right now on their site to create your own opinion on the products marketed by If you do not like feathers, no prolems, surely you will find another category you like.


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