Nine tips you should think before using Hair Shampoo

We were all in a position to spend money on cosmetic products that are not effective, or to pay more for a brand, and at the end the product turned out to be nothing better than the cheaper products of another
brands. As you all know, in the cosmetics industry it is no rule that products which are more expensive are more efficient. Even the best shampoo will not have effect if you do not use it properly. To get the most out of your shampoo, you should know some facts regarding them, that we normally take for granted. Here are
some tips you should know about shampoos.

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Natural ingredients are not always the best

If the shampoo contains some natural ingredients, it does not mean that it will have benefits for your hair. On the contrary, ingredients like lemon can irritate the scalp and menthol can cause allergic reactions. So, don’t spend too much money on these types of shapoos.

Less is more

If you use too much shampoo, you can have opposite effect – too much foam makes it difficult the full penetration of shampoo to the scalp and removes the sebum from the scalp. You will have better effect if
you use a small amount of shampoo twice, than washing your hair once with plenty of shampoo. This will also make your shampoo last longer.

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Exotic ingredients are just a myth

Active formulas, specific ingredients such as various oils, enzymes or exotic ingredients like caviar should be consisted from one to five percent of the amount of shampoo in order to achieve the effect that promise. But often the shampoos contain 0.1 percent or less, which means they have no effect because their quantity is too small. So, here’s another tip to save money when buying shampoo.

Hair is not getting used to the shampoo over time

If you suspect that your shampoo is no longer effective as before, it’s not about getting your hair used to shampoo, but the fact that the hair changes with the seasons – under the influence of moisture, heat or cold hair can partially change the texture and become dry and lifeless. If necessary, apply a hair mask occasionally to help her restore the needed moisture and nutrients.

Shampoo does not change your hair

Even the best shampoo will not leave an indelible mark on your hair. Like exercise, shampoo has the effect until you use it, but when you stop, the effect and the results will disappear.

Do not expect volume as in the commercial

Although some shampoos contribute to a larger volume of hair, curls and luxuriant hair that we see on television commercials yet these are all result of the efforts and patience of professionals who care for hair models. As much as it looked easy, yet without brushes and blow dryer you will not have a beautiful and lush hair.

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The Products sold through the catalog are not better than those from stores

Purchasing products from your neighbors who is selling from a catalog, will not guarantee you better products than those in the shops, you will only improve neighborly relations.

Avoid buying products that do not give visible results

Many products promise to solve your skin problems, irregularities, damaged hair etc. But, frankly, there are a lot of problems for which scientists have not yet found a suitable solution like restoring damaged ends of hair – no product can fix the problem of damaged hair ends. So, don’t spend your money on these shampoos, instead go to your hairstyle and he will give you the solution.

Be skeptical about experts who advise you which product is the best

Dermatologists know how to treat the skin from diseases, and their specialty is not at all questionable. However, it does not necessarily mean that they know to recommend you the best product for your skin or hair. Experts often even sell the name of a product, even though they were not involved in its development. They also may work in conjunction with some cosmetic line and in order to earn extra money they recommend these particular products.
So, the time has come for you to stop believing in the advertisements and stop spending your money on shampoo that will do a miracle for your hair. Just buy some regular hair shampoo and it will take care of your hair without harming your wallet.

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