Lolita makeup

Lolita make-up is a unique style, emphasizing especially the size and form of the eyes. They are several types of lolita make-up, such as:

  •  – a light type of make-up;
  •  – the goal is a natural look, with very light make-up;
  • – in this make-up, the range is from bright make-up to dramatic one, with smokey eyes and red lips.
  •  – is a mature make-up with natural shades, but the accent is put on dark red lips.
  • – is a light, natural make-up. Usually are used colors such as peach, pink, or pearl for a cute appearance.

Let’s find out more about each type of make-up and what temperament reveals:

# 1 Classic lolita make-up

Classic lolita make-up is natural, with doll-like elements. Usually are used neutral eyeshadows, like soft beige of light pink, and black or white eyeliner. For lips, also are used neutral shades. It is semi-suppin make-up, which means that not all the face is covered. The overall look is a classic vintage, with victorian elements, toned-down compared to other lolita styles. This type of make-up is ideal for afternoons gatherings, bordering on aristocratic. Traditional lolita make-up is simple, yet very cute.

# 2 Casual lolita make-up

As the name suggests, this type of make-up is perfect for when a lolita fan is not dressing up. It is a modest, yet elegant kind of make-up, but not over the top like other lolita types. If you want, it is an everyday make-up. It is natural and frequently are used light colors, such as beige, light pink, or other bright colors, that will match the rest of the outfit. It is a unique type of make-up for everyday activities, such as going to classes, college, going out for brunch in the city.

# 3 Gothic lolita make-up

This is one of the most popular types of make-up among lolita fans. It gives you a vampy look, with the focus on dark, red wine and black colors. The skin shadow tends to be pale skin, in contrast with the darker eye shadows. It is a bold make-up, which makes a clear statement. Let’s not forget that gothic lolita is inspired by the Victorian era, so heavy make-up is a must. Depending on the occasion, this type of make-up ranges from natural to dramatic. Usually, the gothic lolita make-up strong elements are smokey eyes and dark red lips. It is also used heavy black eyeliner and grey, red or blue eye shadow. This type of lolita make-up has punk influences.

# 4 Elegant lolita make-up

This type of lolita make-up is, as the name suggests, a true statement of elegance. They are used light shades, with the focus on the dark red lips. This make-up is inspired by the gothic lolita type, but less obvious. It is a make-up used for cocktails and private parties, in general, when the lolita outfit is tempered. It is the best choice for mature women who adopt the lolita fashion style.

# 5 Sweet lolita make-up

Last but not least, the sweet lolita make-up is among favorites too. It features a charming overlook, inspired by light, natural tones of colors. As the name indicates, the key to this particular make-up is sweet. It is dreamy, yet dramatic and cute. The colors primarily used are peach, pink, and pearl, for obtaining that highly fresh look. The cheeks are usually enriched with pink shades for a more adorable look. The color of the lips is red or pink and often are used long lashes. As in other lolita make-up style, the accent is put on the eyes, using highlighters. It is a cute and colorful type of make-up, that will get you in the real sweet lolita vibe.

  • Common mistakes in applying lolita make-up

When you are deciding a lolita make-up style, it is recommended to watch out for not overdoing it. For example, if you want to create a gothic lolita make-up, you should avoid using black lipstick on a white face. It is a make-up for professionals, and you should stick to safer choices, like red wine lipstick. These two elements take away from the elegance of the lolita style, and it is hard to pull together a successful make-up using these two combined. As a general rule, this type of make-up, with black lips and white face, is suitable only for the stage. Don’t forget that lolita style emphasizes innocent appearance. It is essential to keep this in mind when you are performing your make-up. Usually, it is used a lighter foundation than your skin tone, but not too bright. You must test a few products and colors before deciding which one is best for your skin tone.

  • What types of accessories should you use according to each style?

Let’s find out the right accessories for each lolita make-up style:

Classic lolita – you can choose pale bows in your hair, enriched by lovely curls. Also, you can add flowers in your hair, matching the colors of the make-up.

Casual lolita – being a type of make-up for daytime activities, you can use small bows in your hair, in light shades, to match the colors of your eyeshadow.

Gothic lolita – for this type of make-up, your fashion accessories must be bold. Use crowns, tiaras, made of sparkling crystals, in beige, white or black colors. You can also use dark hair bows, black or grey. You can even use lighter hairpins and Lolita Headwear — side clip, for example, in bright pink, for outstanding contrast. If you are all in, you should also try a bold hair color, such as red, or red highlights. The effect will be beautiful, in the true gothic style.

Elegant lolita – for this type of make-up, you should use discreet accessories, such as crystal hairpins, or black bows.

Sweet lolita – This is an innocent make-up, and are used primarily sweet colors such as pink, peachy. You should choose hair bows in these colors, made from velvet, satin, with the design enriched by sparkling crystals. You can select cute hairpins, with cats or strawberry design for example, if they match your overall look. You can even choose a hairband with bunny ears if it matches your outfit. Play with different elements for an outstanding appearance.

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