Basic facts about Brazilian Straight hair extensions

Our hair is one of the most important aspects of our physical beauty, apart from our physical fitness and other body features. All women know this: good hair is critical to them just as fresh water is critical to a fish. Luckily enough, our hair is also one of the controllable aspects of a beauty: we can always change our hair style, color by dying it, or even trim it short. But the best way to make your hair look great is by adding hair extensions. And if want the best straight hair extensions, go for the Brazilian straight hair extensions in they are the most beautiful ones available.


Brazilian straight hair extensions are hair integrations, or strands of hair used to lengthen or add fullness to one’s hair. They can be incorporated in various ways, such as tape in extensions or weaving. The Brazilian straight hair extensions, in particular, come from the pacific of Brazil. Some of them are made from actual human hair collected from live donors while others are synthetic. The human hair extensions might be slightly expensive than the synthetic ones, but they tend to be softer and last longer. However, for some people, the synthetic extensions will work much better with their hair.

But the common thing with both types of Brazilian straight hair extensions: both of them are the most beautiful ones available. And this makes them quite popular: these hair extensions are known for their full body length, smooth texture and shiny appearance. Some of them might have light waves in them. Actually, Brazilian hair extensions are quite popular in the West African countries. With Brazilian straight hair extensions, have no doubts: you will definitely look hot, and your beauty will be known far and wide. That’s for sure.

That’s not all: Brazilian straight hair extensions come in various natural colors, ranging from light brown to dark black. They also come in various brands, the most popular one being Virgin Brazilian hair extensions, and are diverse in texture and their grade. This diversity, apart from their known texture, actually separates Brazilian straight hair extensions from other hair extensions. And the advantage of Brazilian straight hair extensions over the other hair extensions: they work well with all types of hair and varied types of hairstyles. There are no limits to how or when and only when one can use them, you are the one to decide when to use them and how you want them styled. Incredible, right?

Apart from that, Brazilian straight hair extensions are also known for their high quality. Most of them are not dyed or processed in any means possible, and are smooth in texture. Their cuticle length vary, with the thickest ones being around 20 millimeters. This makes Brazilian straight hair extensions quite long lasting. they can actually last longer than one year, unlike the other hair extensions which last for less than a year. They also don’t require special maintenance products. The cost for maintenance thus minimizes since the need to regularly change your hair extensions is eliminated. However, these extensions need to be properly cared for and maintained for them to last for long.


Brazilian straight hair extensions can be heated, which means that they can be easily be styled in various ways: using a blow dryer or curling iron. Be cautioned though: the extensions must be from actual human hair otherwise they’ll just melt like the synthetic ones do. Besides that, you can make your hair much more appealing by adding highlights or colors. Different shades would work best – depending on the color of your hair — ranging from mild ones to wild ones. A plain single color can still work, if you prefer your hair without different color shades.

And that’s all about Brazilian straight hair extensions. They are the most popular, most beautiful ones available, and they last for much longer. But everything good comes with a price, and hair extensions are not an exception. Brazilian straight hair extensions are relatively expensive compared to other hair extensions, but they are far much more long-lasting than the rest. If you’re willing to invest well in your beauty, don’t be afraid of using this hair extensions. And watch out for fake companies advertising their extensions as Brazilian hair extensions: these extensions have a rougher texture and tend to have an acid aura.

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