A very beautiful order from Banggood

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you have probably already seen that I have received a nice bunch of Banggood. We are talking about a very beautiful online site that offers affordable products. Packages can be shipped from both China and EU warehouses. I opted for China because I did not find the product I wanted in European warehouses, however the parcel reached the neighborhood post and I did not pay any taxes.

Cartoon Pattern On-ear Headset

I always enjoyed this type of headphones, because they are harder than the simple ones, and moreover they fall harder on their ears. Well when I saw the cat’s eyelid model, I knew it was just what I needed so I chose the blue color. You can see above how super sits. Let me tell you that just after I received the parcel I realized that the ears are lightening?

Headphones have a small button on the right ear, if you press once on it the ears will remain on, as in the picture above. If pressed for the second time, they will flash as in the video. We are talking about the most beautiful headphones. It is very interesting to listen to music in the evening with these headphones while the lights are flashing. In the package we also found a spare battery for headphones, so do not worry if the first one is over.

Another nice thing about these headphones is that they turn 360 degrees. You can listen to them or to your ears, or you can turn them up, give the volume to the maximum and listen to it. as well as the first time you use the headphones, put the sound down to the minimum and then go up to the right volume. I can not listen to them at all, I just miss my ears.

As you probably know I fell in love with diamond gobblers, that’s why I drew my attention Cat 5D Diamond Painting it is simply gorgeous and even if it does not complete all the diamonds I like very much. I will tell you about this type of painting some other time.

If you want to see another nice site go to Cexyqueen.

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